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Day 2: Which is your favourite race, and why?


Here we are again on the 20 Days of Warcraft challenge, from Ama via Erinys. I’m not doing them on consecutive days, since time does not allow, but so far they’re interesting – so I shall keep plodding along at my own speed!

This one is a difficult question. I can name a couple who aren’t my favourite races – dwarves, whose fondness for ale and Scottish accents amuses but doesn’t really charm me, and humans (I am already a human. Do I need to play a computer game just in order to be one again?). Most of the others, though, have their redeeming factors:

  • Undead: Although they gross me out completely, some of their quotes when clicked on (and the underlying racial outlook on life) are rather fun. My personal favourite is ‘Remember, patience. Discipline.’ – closely followed by ‘What would you ask of Death?’. I suppose you could call it a morbid fascination…
  • Gnomes: Undeniably cute, but certainly sometimes a bit irritating as well. I love them when they’re sneaking and their death animation is endlessly amusing, but their laughter causes me to consider ways of bringing about their death as a race.
  • Goblins: Haven’t tried them yet (obviously) so it’s difficult to say. I’m guessing probably not, though, as I don’t really go for the whole profiteering thing. Plus, their voices tend to get on my nerves. That said, they clearly do have a well-developed sense of fun!
  • Worgen: Likewise, haven’t tried them yet. I would say, though, that they would be in there with a very strong chance. British accents instead of the endless American voices (no offense, I’m half American myself!), plus the whole changing into a wolf thing – and I’m strongly in sympathy with their desire to live their own lives and shut the rest of the world out, even though I don’t think it was the right thing to do.
  • Tauren: Definitely the gentle giants of Azeroth. Their culture is quite beautiful – certainly the pick of the Horde – and I think could be developed a bit more than it has been. That said, somehow my mental image of a cow doesn’t include a great deal of intelligence, so I perhaps don’t like them as well as I might otherwise.
  • Draenei: I love their devotion to the Light and their selflessness. They’re fun to look at, too (even if the girls’ posture makes me cringe – their backs must get terribly sore!), and they aren’t afraid to get involved in helping out when someone needs it. On the other hand, they’re also hugely popular, and I’ve never been all that fond of following the crowd.
  • Trolls: The embodiment of ‘cool’. They are fun and funky, and would also kill you or anyone else given half a chance. I quite like playing them, but you can never trust them not to do something horribly barbaric at any moment, which irks me a bit.
  • Orcs: Rather a divided race. My feelings about the orcs vary depending on whether we’re discussing the ‘Thrall’ type or the ‘Garrosh’ type. The former would probably place them up with my favourite races, for their honour and bravery; the latter would take them out of the running entirely!
  • Night elves: My main is a night elf, so I’ve probably spent longer looking at them than any other race (though, granted, she also is a cat most of the time. But an elven cat!). I like their connection with nature, but their arrogance and isolationism rather annoys me; I know, I said I sympathised with worgen for almost the same thing, but consistency is for the weak.
  • Blood elves: The ‘pretty’ race. Having pretty characters is fun, I can’t deny that (and I don’t play male characters, so I’m talking about the girls here). That said, as a race they really aren’t that pleasant, and no one could really describe them as team players.  But they are fun to dress up!


After all of that, with a short list of worgen, orcs and draenei, I think the eventual winner is the worgen. The orcs lose out due to the Garrosh factor, in the end – and even the draenei can’t quite compete with the turning-into-a-wolf bonus points the worgen get. Of course, I might change my mind after I play one – but I hope not, since the idea is that my new main will be Gilnean born and bred!


I got this topic from Erinys, who got it from Ama (topic-stealing ftw!). It looks fun, so I think I might try it! Though I don’t know that I’ll be making a post each day.

This is a question I’ve only just managed to answer to my own satisfaction, being incurably altoholic. To a large degree, my favourite class is the one I’m currently logged into – even warlocks are (sometimes) fun if that’s what I’m doing at the time. 

The one I can’t stay away from though, that wins in so many ways for me, is druid. I have…*cough* too many druids, mostly baby ones (though Dhak is of course of the feline persuasion), and I never get tired of them. And, of course, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for first the Shattering and then Cataclysm, because then I get FOUR druid races! And I get to be a bat!

*clears throat* ahem, anyway.

Druids are just fun. For one thing, they change shape – a lot. Of course the change to resto, which shall be left silently aside, has reduced the entertainment value of that spec a bit (never having played a high level resto druid, I’m not so disappointed as those who do, but I do think it’s rather a shame and I had been looking forward to being a tree). Even so, though, by the time your pet druid reaches maximum level, s/he has no less than six (or seven, if you’re balance or resto – eight if you’re also a worgen!) different forms to play with. Some of those forms are actually considerably better looking than the original night elf or tauren forms; I know, elves are the ‘pretty’ races, but I don’t actually find night elves terribly attractive. I’d rather look at a graceful, purple cat than at the back of an elven head.

The other thing I love about druids is the utility. Any class that lets you gather herbs and quest items without actually landing on the ground gets lots of points from me (even though Dhak is a miner and therefore has to land anyway…sigh). Cat form, properly talented, lets you run faster even indoors; bear form, even if you’re kitty spec, has been known to save at least 5-man groups whose tank has developed a sudden affection for the floor. And, of course, being able to swim indefinitely and fly without the risk of being knocked off your mount are also very useful perks in some situations. It’s got to the point where, as a couple of my other characters climb up into the mid-levels, I’m starting to wonder how I’ll like playing alts without that kind of functionality. Methinks I might be a little bit spoilt…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m creating a new main come Cata – on an Oceanic realm, which is where I sensibly belong. Making her a worgen druid was basically a no-brainer, for all the above reasons (plus…werewolves!); the only thing I don’t like is that neither worgen nor druids really have as much use for mounts as anyone else! You see, I intend to go achievement-collecting on her, and what’s the good of having dragons or white tigers if you never get to look at them…?

That said, it’s perhaps a little early to be worrying about that (and it is, admittedly, a laughably trivial issue). Apart from the lack of diversity in steeds, though – druids all the way!