Aminyara and her Not So Fast Mount


(With apologies to the Ventures).

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that people careening through the streets of Orgrimmar (or Stormwind) on the back of their Very Fast Mount pose a hazard to public safety. I mean, what if some little old orc lady is just trying to carry her shopping home and gets skittled by a blood elf on a giant ostrich…or worse, by a tauren on a kodo? That’s not going to improve race relations among the Horde all that much.

Of course, on most servers we really don’t care. Since we can all run right through each other (and all the passersby as well), we can all dash madly about our vitally important business and show off our Very Fast Mounts, and nobody gets hurt…well, nobody except anyone foolish enough to look directly at a sparklepony in the sunlight. But what about the RP realms?

(Won’t somebody think of the RP realms?!)

How do you manage when you’re in character and in a city, if in fact that is something you would ever be? Of course, it depends on exactly how your character would behave. It certainly isn’t outside the realms of possibility that some characters really wouldn’t be worried about the little old ladies of Orgrimmar in the least. Personally, given that Aminyara is a blood elf and (relatively) well brought up, I find it far more natural…if much slower…to walk through cities, towns and other large groups of people and save the galloping for out on the open range.

Interestingly, the other advantage to walking when you’re in town, if you’re so inclined, is that you blend into the scene and the atmosphere much better – particularly if you’re on foot. Normally you can tell a moving PC from a moving NPC a mile away, simply by the fact that NPCs generally walk and PCs sprint everywhere as though Arthas were right behind them (Quick! I must reach the cooking recipe vendor with all haste! Lives may depend on it!). If you walk, assuming you’re not wearing your Tier 104 Armor of Doom with Shoulder Sculpture Artwork, other players may even mistake you for someone who actually lives there – surely a good thing if you’re looking for the immersive factor. More importantly, you might mistake yourself for someone who actually lives there – or your character, at least.

Even though (as a constantly busy person with roughly ten times as many alts as would be strictly necessary) I usually try to make the most of my trips to Azeroth from a time point of view, I find the discipline of slowing down now and then actually enhances my enjoyment…which is, after all, the point of the whole exercise. It’s often when I’m walking along at Aminyara’s leisurely pace that I notice what a gorgeous job the designers have done on the sky at sunset in Mulgore, for instance – or realise that there’s actually a vendor tucked away behind that building that I’ve never checked – or whatever.

Of course, maybe I just think this is a good idea because as yet Aminyara has no Very Fast Mount to display…*cough*

So, what’s your trick for getting that little bit more immersion happening?