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Night elf druid? Come on. That is SO last expansion. Pumpkin-headed ninja witch just has so much more variety in the talent tree…


Wide-Eyed Moment: Fishing Trip


Here’s my major discovery for the day: You can fish sitting down!

What potential that creates for lazy Sunday afternoons…should you, in fact, want to level your fishing. Which, of course, we all do. Yes.

Wide-Eyed Moment: Snow!



It’s night in Kharanos, and it’s snowing.


How cool is that?

I’ve spent plenty of time in Dun Morogh, but never yet have I realised that it snows there instead of rains. Now I want to go out and make snow angels 😉

Random thought for a Sunday

"Oh, did you want your felsteed back, Dad?"

OK, maybe it’s just me, but as much as I honestly love the Felsteed, a gnome looks absolutely ridiculous perched on its back. I mean, come on…an enormous black charger with flaming eyes and feet, snorting evil and doom at the world – and being ridden by a two-foot-tall midget whose feet barely reach over its withers?

But then, maybe it’s only because Anyiella (pictured, from Jubei’Thos) is only a baby and I’m not yet used to seeing things from her perspective…