Hi! My name is Sionel…or it might as well be.

In this blog I am primarily focusing on my experiences in playing World of Warcraft, with the intention of hopefully saying something entertaining or educational now and again.  The name is derived from the true rulers of my household, four cats who between them own well over eight paws with which they walk all over me on a regular basis. (When I started this blog, I only had two, hence the name – but no cat can type with more than two paws anyway, so I’m leaving the number at eight). They also strictly supervise my WoW playing, with varying levels of helpfulness. Sa’sara would like everyone to know that it is her face that graces the blog’s header; Tiganza, who is a tabby with white feet, feels that only exhibitionists would actually want their picture on a website. She is above such things. Shazz and Mandy, on the other hand, feel that any time during which their person is staring at a computer and not paying attention to them is time wasted, so they want nothing to do with the site.

I am hoping and expecting that with time, Eight Paws will evolve into a blog with its own personality. My approach to WoW, at the moment, is what might be called eclectic; I am dipping my toes quite deliberately into a whole variety of its many diverse and interesting facets. Part of this, of course, is due to a severe and chronic case of altoholism – at no time in my gaming history have I succeeded in sticking to one character without at least trying others! At the moment, however, the focus of the blog is on following two characters, Dhakeilh (EU-Terokkar, Alliance) and Aminyara (US-Wyrmrest Accord, Horde) through their very different experiences of the leveling process. If nothing else, I hope to share what I learn as I go…

In personal life – I come from Australia and have a wholly unrelated day job which funds my internet connection. I am also on the staff of one of the older and more well-established MUDs (for younger readers – a text-based RPG) and dabble in writing my own fantasy. This is, however, my first blog.

I welcome constructive feedback at any time, and can be most easily reached at eight_paws(at)hotmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!