Stays together!

Hey guys, it’s just me, Tarinae from A Healadin’s Tear bringing Sionel and all of her readers the Christmas gift of blogging goodness! Sadly, I will admit that I had not stumbled across this blog before but that is the best part in participating in events like Secret Santa, I always find more to add to that overflowing reader of mine! While I was sifting through the older posts to see how I wanted to approach this, I noticed a couple of topics kept reoccurring…guilds & PUGs.

Being a guildmaster brings a certain level of responsibility, you could call it expectations if you want; you have to ensure the solidarity of your guild the best you can. What I have discovered I revealed to you in the title…The guild that plays together, stays together.

I don’t mean that you only play with your guildmates or that every living moment you’re logged in, you are in the guild. But what I have noticed is that most people, trolls excluded, join a guild for the sense of community that develops within them and you cannot have this without trying to do things as a guild…together.

Learning content, wiping, succeeding, looting, achievements and so much more mean something different when you were working with friends and not “gogogo” or “zomg pull moar!” which is the type of scenario that Wrath birthed.

PUGs at the moment are on a unprecedented level…they’re challenging but the world is full of QQ, because 85% of the world doesn’t out-gear them yet; the debate rages on with the fact that a portion of the Azerothian population feel Wrath was too easy and want something new, but the remaining fraction still wishes that Cataclysm is a repeat of Wrath.

Wrath bred a new breed of WoW players that expect this game to be significantly easy, less challenging and leaves out the long-lost and long-loved mechanics like Crowd Control. But you can avoid this irritation; you can get what you want out of heroics or instances just by running with your guild…because they’re like-minded. They’re a community of people that see the same things in WoW that you do…that’s why you’re in it, right?

But it doesn’t even have to be the latest end-game content that you’re running; it doesn’t have to be a wipefest because… there is a whole world of expansions past that now offer guild achievements that you can run together. You don’t feel that heavy burden to PUG those last 2 two spots for Molten Core because your guild can handle it and your guild is going to have fun.

But hey, you don’t even have to run instances or raids to build a strong community of guildmates and friends. I am a strong believer in parties…Winter Veil parties…Hallow’s End parties…nothing is better than carting your guild over to Stormwind for caroling or see what your guildmates will show up in for a costume contest! Those are truly the days your guild will remember!

So now I must be off to do my guild-mastering stuff in-game, I have been on Holiday vacation, and as the end of 2010 comes near, I wish you all a Happy New Year (I’m sure that is somewhat politically correct!) and safe travels if you’re not in Azeroth that evening!

Sionel edit: Tarinae kindly provided this post well before New Year’s, but it hasn’t made it here until now. While I hadn’t come across her blog previously either, I completely agree that discovering new people to read is one of the nicest things about this kind of project. Thanks, Tarinae!