Don’t you love it?

Maybe it’s something about being a fresh 80, which I’ll admit is written all over me even just to look at, but yesterday I attracted not one but two overly helpful citizens on my way to obtain my swift flight form. This, by the way, is a milestone, since achieving that much money has taken me quite a while; clearly I don’t spend enough time playing the auction house.

It must be admitted that taking unsolicited advice has never been my strong point. I prefer to ask for help when I want it and otherwise stand on my own feet, which has its good and bad points; it certainly led to my amusing demise yesterday in my first ever Trial of the Crusader run, when I got confused about where we were supposed to be standing and wandered over to the champions of the Horde…without bothering about any little details like, for instance, the tank or the healer.


Fortunately in that case my group were more entertained than annoyed, and I got a quick resurrection and we finished the rest without a hitch. I then toddled off to spend almost all my money on buying artisan riding and my swift flight form and a new gryphon (not that I don’t love my snowy one…and not that I need a new mount, you know, with the whole bird thing going on). It was when I hit Valiance Keep and the trainer that the fun began.

First up was a level 23 night elf, riding his first ever tiger, who wanted to know whether I knew how to fly. Upon being informed that yes, as a level 80 druid, I could in fact fly, he then wanted to know if I had a gryphon and if it could walk. (Because, you know, we buy gryphons for their l33t walking capabilities). Having enjoyed a demonstration of the ambulatory talents of a snowy gryphon, he stood and watched as I bought the flight skill and got the relevant achievement…and then congratulated me and suggested that I might want to get swift flight form or a faster mount, because the bird he’d seen me fly in as was slow.

Thank you for those wise words, my friend. What did you think I’m doing?


He took himself off back to Darkshore, running commentary all the way, and I headed up to the roof of the keep to get my random-mount-calling macro right so that it stopped insisting that I wanted to use a slower mount. On the way I met a level 70 whose very first words were…wait for it…’Why is your gs so low, lulz’.


OK, answering may have been feeding the trolls, but I did it anyway – along the lines of ‘fresh 80. And it’s your business because…?’ It turned out, however, that he had my best interests at heart all along; he wanted to tell me that to get into ICC runs I would need a higher gearscore and some achievements. I suppose he felt he was being helpful (or at least was labouring under the delusion that flying around Valiance Keep means someone has immediate plans to go to ICC), but I fail to see why a fresh 80 with a gearscore of 2.4k would be trying to get into ICC runs at all! The phrase ‘squashed like a gnat’ comes to mind.

One of my favourite sayings has always been ‘Better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.’ The fact of this blog’s existence, of course, demonstrates that I don’t actually follow that wise counsel – but my two benefactors today have certainly proven to me that giving advice should only be undertaken if you’re absolutely sure of your ground, just in case there was any confusion on that score! Meanwhile, I shall continue to potter around on my own little agenda…and use the /ignore command freely.

How do you usually handle the unwanted but oh, so helpful suggestions you encounter? Any creative strategies beyond pretending they’re not there?