Like so many other players, as soon as Dhakeilh was level 55 I rolled a death knight on her server, just to see what it was like. Having played through and enjoyed the starting area (apart from that quest – ugh! I know it’s the coup de grace in a way, but still.), I ventured out into the real world and…ignored her for about four months in favour of leveling Dhakeilh. Which is good, in many ways, since a) I didn’t want to become a death knoob, and b) with my distractibility, not getting sidetracked by a shiny new character is quite the achievement. However, it does mean that I’ve had a level 59 death knight sitting around doing nothing for the last few months.

No, it's not a 'real' Brewfest mount - just the hops (/sniff). But I love it anyway!


I got her out today to do a few Brewfest dailies and also to start working through the Plaguelands quest lines. These are apparently going away in Cataclysm, which is good for the Plaguelands but bad for newbies like me who are insatiably curious and want to experience storylines before they vanish; therefore, I am working through them both on Dhakeilh and on this death knight, Nadezhda, who is a blood elf and will therefore get to experience them from the horde’s point of view. So far, it’s turning out fun, though I’ve only barely started with Nadezhda. It is of course a complete faceroll on Dhakeilh, with her upper 70s feral kitty damage…strangely satisfying after a week of coming last on the meters in instances!

Returning from the tangent…having resurrected the DK today, I started off by reading my favourite article about frost dps yet again, because I never remember what to do from one month to the next. The mechanics of the whole death knight thing, being a combination of DoTs and Hitting Things with an Sword, have so far eluded me; with most of my characters I can refresh my memory a bit and then fall into a rhythm, but with Nadezhda I seem to stare blankly at buttons and then just randomly hit whatever might look good. Somewhat scarily, that so far has been fairly effective – at least in the sense that the target’s health tends to drop and hers tends to stay relatively stable. It’s not a strategy I’d care to take into an instance, though, and I think that mental disconnection has really contributed to my total lack of desire to log her on.

Today, though, I’m hoping something has started to change. For a start, when I flew into Undercity on my way north, it actually felt like a natural place for her to be. For that sentence to make sense, it must be understood that Undercity does not rank high on my list of favourite places to spend time; undead things in general gross me out, and I tend to stay safely away from a city full of them. With my little reanimated blood elf, though, it feels like her natural habitat in a way that warm and robust Orgrimmar or arcanely dignified Silvermoon really don’t.

Then, of course, I got out to the Plaguelands. Now, an emotionally uplifting place they are not, but for a death knight who already has quite enough reason to be royally ticked off with Arthas, they are the perfect setting for her to practice her skills. Spreading diseases to ghouls and smiting skeletons seems to suit her, morbid creature that she is. Certainly I found her more engaging and smoother to play than I have in the past.

Maybe this will be a catalyst for me to keep playing her a little more often, anyhow. I hope so, since having a high level horde character on Terokkar would be helpful for a few reasons. Somehow I can’t seem to consistently play a character unless I can get into her head a bit, even though Terokkar is certainly not a RP server and I have no intention of roleplaying with Nadezhda. I seem to be getting a vibe of respect and sympathy for the Forsaken from her now, which worries me a little given their, er, ethical leanings!

Sometimes I think gaming would be simpler if my characters would hush up and do as they’re told…